Big Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence will change many industries: it holds the potential to revolutionize manufacturing through big data analytics, AI may facilitate diagnostics in healthcare or make whole cities smarter through optimizing public infrastructure – to name just a few examples. Also Telcos strive to create value for business, individuals and the general public, based on available data.

Call for Innovation #2:
Business Cases leveraging Big Data in Telcos

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Are you a startup or innovator that has successfully developed and tested concrete Business Cases based on Telco Data?

SwisscomProximus and Fastweb, three leading telcos from across Europe, are calling for Business Cases that fully comply with European and local data protection laws and that are able to show certain traction (= paying customers) on your market. The selected winners have the chance to start a joint Proof of Concept (PoC) project with all telcos.


What we are looking for

While telcos can leverage data in all 4 areas below, we are only searching for business cases related to new and adjacent business in this Call for Innovation. The 3 internal business case areas are of course very important to telcos, but not subject of this Call for Innovation.



Please find below a few examples of possible business cases that are within our focus area:

  • Optimization of Public Infrastructure to improve user experience and efficiency and avoid congestions
  • Optimization of Public Transportation based on movement data from mobile phones
  • Business solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) or E-Commerce services based on anonymized mobility and/or location data
  • Fraud Detection for Financial Services
  • Location benchmarking for Real-estate or Retail Businesses: Store decisions based on pedestrian frequency and behavior of target audience

Eligibility Criteria

  • We are looking for applications from all around the world
  • Focus is on innovative new business cases with certain traction in a test market
  • The business cases must make use of data that is unique to telcos (meaning that you will have to cooperate with telcos for your business model to work). Examples: movement data based on mobile network information, data traffic
  • We’re mainly targeting startups and small innovators, but are open for others
  • You should be able to show a certain traction in a test market (a.k.a. paying or very interested customers, be it enterprises, cities, or tested high value for our private customers or citizens)
  • Solution ready for market tests / proof of concept in our countries
  • Your business model and solution is fully compliant with European (GDPR) and local regulations around data protection and telecommunications data.
  • If your business model requires permissions (opt-in) from customers, you have found a way to convince them to participate for something in return

We are not looking for generic big data platforms without specific and proven business-cases. In case your platform serves as a basis for various applications, please apply by picking your most promising and proven business case.


Process & Application

Application is open until 9 April 2017.

By clicking on the application button below, you will be redirected to to submit your application.


All applications will be carefully evaluated by experts of all 3 telcos, including an online Q&A session with our shortlisted candidates. The selected finalists will start into a joint scoping phase for the proof of concept where we will be discussing the objectives, requirements and modalities of a PoC with each finalist. A PoC in this case will mean a joint market test of your business case in our markets and with our sandboxed telco data.

All finalists will be invited to pitch their business case and the proposed PoC in front of our management jury in order to get green lights for the PoC project as a first step towards future collaboration.


  • 9.4.2017: Application Deadline
  • Evaluation including online Q&A sessions with our shortlisted candidates
  • 5.5.2017: Announcement of the finalists by each telco
  • Joint PoC scoping with all finalists (online / remote)
  • 1.6.2017: Pitching of Business Case and joint PoC in front of the Management Jury in Zurich. Announcement of the Winners / PoCs
  • PoCs from Q3/2017

How we will be evaluating the applications

  • Market potential
  • Traction in your market(s) (a.k.a paying customers / strong interest from customers)
  • Privacy compliance (which is a must)
  • Business case and solution ready for PoC
  • Company and team
  • Uniqueness of the product

This is why you should apply

We offer potential collaboration for selected startups and would like to start a journey together around a particular business case leveraging specific telco data. The collaboration ideally develops to a joint product in our market. We commit to go at least up to a joint Proof of Concept project.

To get a good impression of the opportunity, please have a look at our video summarizing our 1st Call for Innovation around SDN / NFV 2.0:


About the Partner Companies


Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecoms company and one of its leading IT companies, is headquartered in Ittigen, close to the capital city Berne. Swisscom’s international activities are concentrated mainly in Italy, where its subsidiary Fastweb is one of the biggest broadband providers. Around 21,500 employees achieve a revenues ofCHF 2.89 billion to the end of the 1st Quarter 2016. Swisscom is one of the most sustainable companies in Switzerland and Europe.

Swisscom full company profile


Proximus (Euronext Brussels: PROX) is the leading provider of telephony, internet, television and network-based ICT services in Belgium.  Through its Proximus and Scarlet brands, Proximus aims to deliver the best customer experience and to simplify the customer journey by offering accessible and easy-to-use solutions to the residential, enterprise and public markets. Proximus’ high-quality interconnected fixed and mobile networks offer access anywhere and anytime to digital services and data, as well as to a broad offering of multimedia content. Proximus is active in Luxembourg through its affiliates Telindus Luxembourg and Tango and in the Netherlands through Telindus Netherlands. Its subsidiary BICS offers best-in-class international wholesale solutions for voice and mobile data service providers worldwide. At the end of 2015, Proximus had around 14,000 employees and generated an underlying Group revenue of EUR 5,994 million.

More info : and


With over 2.4 million customers, Fastweb is a major Italian telecommunications operator. The company offers a wide range of services to households and businesses: voice, data, fixed and mobile, cloud computing and storage, security, unified communication. Since its foundation in 1999, the company has focused on innovation and network infrastructure to provide high quality ultra-broadband. Fastweb has developed a national fiber optic network of 44,000 kilometers that passes 7,5 million homes and businesses venues with FttH or FttC technology. By 2020 Fastweb plans to serve by ultra-broadband 13 million households (50% of the population), of which 5 millions with speed up to 1Gbps and 8 millions up to 200 Mbps.

The company offers its customers new generation mobile services based on 4G technology and 4G Plus. By 2020, the mobile infrastructure will become 5G ready by small-cell technology starting from the big cities.
Fastweb partners with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups and small-medium-large tech enterprises to deliver its advanced telecommunication and ICT services.

Fastweb has been part of the Swisscom Group since September 2007.

More info: