Call for Innovation Winners

Call for Innovation Finals

Back in March Swisscom and 2 partner telcos Proximus and Fastweb launched a Call for Innovation to find the most promising business cases that are able to leverage telco data and create value. Out of 68 applications from over 15 countries a group of experts of all 3 telcos has selected 8 finalists that were invited to pitch their business case and proposed PoC.

The 8 finalists were all invited to Zurich for the finals on June 1st 2017, and it was a pleasure to welcome them all and get to know them better, also during an informal pre-event the evening before.

30 participants were able to listen to 8 fantastic pitches from Wi-5 (UK), Geoblink (ES), Movivo (UK), Spoteffects (GER), Geospin (GER), Senozon (CH), UniquID (US) and Nomos Systems (CH).

Apart from Swisscom, Proximus and Fastweb, our partners from the 1st Call for Innovation, Telia Company, was able to join the final pitching event as well, which even provided an extra opportunity for the participating finalists.

PoC Winners

Each telco has promised to commit to at least one Proof of Concept (PoC) project with one winner, and we're excited that we were even able to announce more winners! Here are the winners:

Wi-5 (PoC with Proximus)
Geoblink (PoC with Swisscom)
Movivo (PoC with Fastweb)
Spoteffects (PoC with Swisscom)
UniquID (PoC with Fastweb)

And there are more opportunities for other finalists or even applicants as we received a great number of interesting business cases which we will connect with the appropriate stakeholders for follow-ups.

Future Calls for Innovation

We're working on the next topics together with partners and will definitely launch other Calls for Innovation in the near futures. Stay tuned!

Finalists selected (Telco Data)

68 High Quality Applications

We are very excited that we received 68 applications from more than 15 countries. Our internal experts from all 3 involved telcos were evaluating all applications thoroughly since the application deadline.

8 Finalists

Our experts have selected the following startups as finalists. They are going to pitch for a PoC in front of all three telcos on June 1st 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland:

  • spoteffects
  • Movivo
  • Geoblink
  • senozon
  • Consortium of Amselhof Interactive, BISS and Psiori
  • UniquID
  • Wi-5
  • Geospin

We are very much looking forward to learning more about their solutions and start elaborating how a potential PoC and next step could look like.

More Opportunities

For all of those companies that didn't make it into the finals, this is not the end. There were solutions that didn't fully match our focus areas of this Call for Innovation, but could be interesting for us outside of this initiative. Please note that we will be busy working with the finalists during the next 2-3 months, but we will definitely contact you as soon as your solution matches existing projects within our companies.

Application Now Open

Application Now Open

Are you a startup or innovator that has successfully developed and tested concrete Business Cases based on Telco Data?

Switzerland's leading telco Swisscom is calling for Business Cases that fully comply with European and local data protection laws and that are able to show certain traction (= paying customers) on your market. The selected winners have the chance to start a joint PoC.

Application is open until 9 April 2017.